About Ashtanga Yoga Mama

Ashtanga Yoga Mama is a series of retreats and workshops dedicated to teaching ashtanga yoga and general wellbeing.

Being a mother is a spiritual experience which can lead towards self realisation. It is a journey full of opportunities to practice compassion, unconditional love and selfless service for our little ones.

Motherhood is also one of the most challenging paths given to women all over the world. It is easy to get lost and forget about yourself and your needs while facing daily challenges and tasks.

We believe that Ashtanga Yoga is a practice uniquely suited to assist with the daily challenges that is motherhood, and can be successfully used to balance the trials of parenthood.

Our workshops teach a traditional asana yoga practice combined with meditation and mindfulness techniques, custom tailored for those facing motherhood, in order to attain the invaluable tools of physical health and mental well being necessary to be a good parent.

Ashtanga Yoga Mama encourages you to take the time to find your true self, by letting go of what is not serving you and practicing mindfulness in this specialised yoga workshop for mothers.

We look forward to sharing the benefits of Ashtanga Yoga with you.

Thank you.