Would you like to gain a clear understanding of how your emotional subconscious relationship towards money:

This workshop will guide you towards independence and control, so you can be the queen of your own empire.

Our relationship with money is a very complex data system that is hugely influenced by our emotions, behaviours and beliefs. Money and psychology are working together and can fuel each other in positive, or negative ways.

I co-created this course with Dr. Evelyne Meier, with the goal to empower you to break through your psychological patters and habits and support you on your path towards financial independence. I will be guiding you through mindful awareness and Evelyne will be sharing tools and strategies to become financially savvy, so you can create your financial security.

Dr. Evelyne Meier is passionate about economic independence, as her own life path was shaped by great ups and downs, both in her careers and financially. She has specialised in complex problem solving, strategic planning and mentoring. She loves to share her passion and extensive expertise with other women, to support and empower them to be fully in charge of their finances and importantly, learning to have fun doing so!

Her career spans from the sectors of health, international banking, the public sector, to consulting and education. She is currently working at business development role at a Australian University.

This course aims to give you the empowerment to navigate your independence through:

  • Gaining the ability to identify and release the emotional challenges you have around money
  • Using tools to help you understand your current financial situation.
  • Being clear of where you want to be in the future.

Dates: 8/ 15/ 22 August
Time: 8am Vienna / 2pm Singapore / 4pm Melbourne
Duration: 90 min
Investment: US 99$ , early bird by 10th July 88$

Classroom: Zoom

What you will get:

  • 4 recorded audio meditations
  • 3 online 90 min sessions
  • 1 x 60min Follow up group session
  • Resources


Dr. Evelyne Meier 

Dr Evelyne Meier loves to support and empower women to be fully in charge of their finances, creating and achieving their financial goals. Yoga has helped her navigating life’s challenges.

Evelyne has an undergraduate degree in international business, is a Graduate of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University) and studied for her PhD whilst raising her then very young daughters.
Her career spans from the sectors of health, international banking, the public sector, to consulting and education. She has worked for a Swiss Bank in New York, Paris and Basel in the area of country debt restructuring. After completing her PhD in Australia she joined the Public Sector and eventually started her own consultancy, specialising in complex problem solving, strategic planning, policy interpretation, and government liaison. She serves on  boards of not-for profit organisation and is the President of REBUS, a theatre for social change and is currently in business development role at the Queensland University of Technology.


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