Mindfulness and Yoga workshop in Bali 24. / 26. September


Life can be a beautiful journey, yet when we encounter obstacles we can get angry, resentful or fearful. In today’s fast moving world we all encounter unrealistic expectations, busy schedules, and multiple challenges.

Moms are expected to be perfect little Buddha’s when their children throw tantrums. Children are envisioned to behave like saints, and must be geniuses. Single women have to be successful, smart, popular, and attractive. Men have to be providers, successful and strong. But the reality is that few of us feel safe simply being who we are, accepted by ourselves and others.

Anxiety, overthinking, and profound disappointment often dominate our dialogue. None of us are immune.

How often do we actually pause and reflect on the way we truly feel? How often do we allow our heart to speak, and genuinely listen to what is said. Perhaps not often enough.

Though, we intuitively know the answers are within ourselves. When we do hush, open our heart to the spiritual truths we long to hear, often we can transform our negative habits and impulsive reactions to life’s various challenges. We can literally alter our lives.

Occasionally an opportunity arises for us to pause, reflect on our position in life, and move forward with greater clarity and enhanced wisdom.

Our peaceful and transformational 3 day workshop in magical Bali will provide you with the ancient wisdom of practical Buddhism, the peaceful focus of Meditation, and the health and fitness of Yoga. We will inspect the causation of our negative habits, and determine their origins, patterns, and triggers.

Once we are introduced to these techniques of introspection, we will explore our awareness of true consciousness, resulting in profound relief, and further enthusiasm for living.

Our three day course offers 4 hours of Buddhist teachings, explicitly simple yet deeply effective Tibetan Buddhist Meditations, and finally a practice of mindfully created Yoga sequences.

Day 1: How to overcome anger and disappointment?

Day 2: How to overcome anxiety and fear?

Day 3: New ways to approach life problems

Dates: 24/25/26 September 2019
Venue: Umalas, Bali
Accommodation and Travel to Bali not included.

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