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Zagreb, Croatia-September, 2022

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Online Meditation

Mindfulness is a broad term. Traditionally, in Buddhist teachings mindfulness is a quality of awareness that makes us present in this very moment. Mindfulness is a capacity to be more awake and in synch with what arises in our lives.

Through mindfulness we can achieve a more balanced and attuned relationship with objects, people, and our internal and external worlds. This practice gives us more space and openness to react to our ever changing lives, from a steady place of calm, without being helplessly thwarted by our own stories.

Through a steady Mindfulness practice we can become a gentle and compassionate warrior, who can transform our fears and strong emotions into a source of wisdom and true strength.

5 Minutes Mindfulness Guided Meditations is my passion project to introduce mindfulness and all of its benefits to anyone interested. Meditations are simple and suitable for all.

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