Yoga, diapers and big breaths

Ashtanga yoga is a demanding discipline, both mentally and physically, for everyone who is practicing, men and woman. Ashtanga requires a lot of self discipline, dedication, and trust in the process. When it comes time for us to add a family to that equation, things can get even more challenging. For most dedicated Ashtangis, our …

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Money and Emotions

No one is entirely rational when it comes to money. Often creating and following a budget, or saving part of every pay-check, seems like an uncomfortable and complicated task. Though we all believe that intelligent rationing would be in our best interest. Our relationship with money is a very complex data system that is largely …

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Tips on a home yoga practice

In the Ashtanga yoga tradition there are two different methods for how the Ashtanga practice is taught: Led (guided) classes, and Mysore (self practice) classes. Now, with this current pandemic outbreak, many Yoga studios around the world are closed, and communities and classes have pivoted online, which is great and certainly important in this time …

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