Sandra Hutter, Zagreb Cro

I have been practicing yoga with Irena for app. 8 years now. I go a lot through high and lows in my yoga practice, due to many injuries, for e.g. from skiing accidents etc. Sometimes my stressful job and not always so peaceful surroundings, set me back in my practice as well. However, Irena has helped me a lot through her guidance, serious approach and advices. She is a very brave women with strong character, although you wont tell that immediately from her gracile appearance.

She has a lot of commitment for every student, unlimited patience and you can tell that this is her true life call.

I feel very grateful to her for passing her positive energy, inspiring life attitude and love for yoga. Yoga classes with Irena and especially a retreat that I attended with her in Portugal, Sintra belong to my great yoga experience, great holiday and most beautiful and harmonious days.

She is a great organiser and very capable lady. Let her transfer to you her energy, deep yoga practice, passion, commitment and ability to aim and reach for higher goals, as well as her love for life, travel and adventure! Thank you for your inspiring leading and guidance. Love, Sandra šŸ˜Š

Sandra Hutter