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Weekend Yoga Escape @ La Carolina Lodge

August, 20-22nd

Carolina Lodge, San Miguel, Bijagua

An off the grid experience you’ll never forget!

 Because we all need some time away, to emerge ourselves in pure nature.

We will have daily morning yoga sessions, on a large, covered yoga deck, a short walk from the cabins and the main lodge, on the gentle banks of a crystal river.  Our Ashtanga yoga and meditation practices will be in a serene location, allowing us to focus on our practices, without the nuance of modern distractions. 

La Carolina Lodge is the perfect place for reconnecting with nature. Our setting is in the mountains of Costa Rica, next to a fresh water river, immersed in a lush tropical forest.  Experience daily yoga and mindfulness sessions that will raise your spirits and relax your body.  Eat delicious farm to table meals by candle light.  Sit next to roaring fireplaces and soak in natural hot tubs. 

This is the perfect Costa Rican getaway!   


Irena Bartolec’s Tailored Retreats

Azul Ocean Club

Going on retreat is a gift. It is a powerful contribution to yourself. An allowance of self care. Rewarding yourself, unapologetically.

On a virgin beach in Costa Rica, surrounded by the sounds of ocean and tropical jungle, value yourself. Rest, practice, and rejuvenate.

My private retreats are customised to fit your needs. After our initial consultation, I will create a yoga and mindfulness program specifically suited to your experience and goals. Whether to support your ongoing practices, or to start from the beginning and strategically build a foundation for the future, these tailored retreats truly allow a person the space and time to receive individual attention from a teacher, and cultivate a practice that is authentic and sustaining.

Together we will reinforce your well being, balance your mind, and keep your body fit and healthy.

This private service allows you the flexibility to reserve and book a retreat in accordance with the dates that are suitable for you. To have exclusive access to a teacher, and to experience peace and discretion without the social constraints or pressures of a group setting.

Breakfast and dinner are included in the retreat, and we can design a menu that suits your dietary requirements and goals.

Ashtanga Yoga Getaway, Costa Rica

03/10 July ’21

13/20 November ’21

04/11 December ’21

08/15 January ’22

Azul Ocean Club


yourself waking up to the singing of tropical birds and falling asleep to ocean waves crashing.

Starting your day with a meditation and Ashtanga yoga practice, and end it up with the mesmerising beauty of pink sunsets and sandy beaches. 

Nurture your bodies with delicious farm to table vegetarian food and massages.

For most of us these uncertain times are challenging.  Now more then ever it is crucial to give yourself time for self care. Time to reconnect with nature, and our roots. To retreat and restore in a safe environment, in sync with the Mother Earth, and ourselves.

 In partnership with The Azul Ocean Club, I have created an escape on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica for 7 nights and 8 days, to do just this. 

Our days will start with meditation and pranayama practice, followed by traditional Ashtanga Mysore and led classes. 

We will offer a rolling schedule of afternoon events, that include further exploring our yoga practice and delving deeper into the body, free beach and relaxation time, or an evening of traditional Temazcal sweat lodge ceremony or Sound healing for those who want to try it.

Mysore Weekend / Atenas, Costa Rica


El Santuario Yoga Center

Join us in stunning Atenas for a weekend of meditation, traditional Ashtanga yoga practice, delicious vegetarian food, stunning sunsets and hikes in the pristine nature.

We will be staying at the spacious Villa with spectacular views. Bedrooms are with private bathrooms, AC and community swimming pool overlooking coffee plantations. Our in house chef will be preparing for us healthy vegetarian meals.

We will start our mornings with meditation followed by traditional Ashtanga Yoga Practice.

After breakfast, there is a free time to explore waterfalls, coffee plantations or just to chill at the pool.

We will be ending our day by sitting together and practicing mindfulness.

The picturesque town of Atenas is surrounded by rolling green hills, speckled with rows of coffee plants and sugarcane.

A couple of things that make Atenas noteworthy are its climate and coffee. The town is said to have one of the best climates in the world, with average temperatures in the mid-70s°F (21°C) year-round. The climate, combined with the area’s rich volcanic soil, also makes Atenas an excellent spot for growing coffee. Many of the local producers are small, family-run operations Interestingly, Atenas was located along the original oxcart trail. This route was used in the late 1800s to transport coffee beans from the Central Valley to ports on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts for export. Various references to the oxcart trail can be seen around town. 

Female Finances / Journey to Financial Freedom

8/ 15/ 22 August


Online Course

Would you like to gain a clear understanding of how your emotional subconscious relationship towards money:

  • impacts your current financial situation?
  • learn how to gain control over your finances and
  • receive a toolbox of knowledge and tactics that will support you to be fully ready to step into the drivers seat of your finances ?

This workshop will guide you towards independence and control, so you can be the queen of your own empire.

Our relationship with money is a very complex data system that is hugely influenced by our emotions, behaviours and beliefs. Money and psychology are working together and can fuel each other in positive way.

I co-created this course with Dr. Evelyne Meier, with the goal to empower you to break through your psychological patters and habits, and support you on your path towards financial independence.

Women of Ashtanga Conference

5. July 

3pm CET

WOA is a non-profit initiative to gather female authorised and certified teachers in the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga. We intend to increase inclusivity and diversity, seeking to remove barriers and encourage you to share from your experience of the practice.

Our purpose is to serve you and to create a safe space to share and uplift others with our knowledge, artistry and presence.

At 4:30pm I’ll be sharing my experience on Yoga, motherhood and how to find a healthy balance.


18. March

10am – 12 md

Ashtanga yoga is the oldest dynamic form of Yoga and basis for the development of nowadays popular dynamic Yoga styles.

This 3 hours workshop is designed to introduce us with this traditional system. We will learn basics breathing technics and practicing primary series of postures in traditional way with emphasis on alignments and proper counts of vinyasa.


09 – 16 May

The lovely island of Brac will enchant you with its beautiful beaches, incredibly clear sea and relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere. The island was blessed with an abundance of sunshine and the kind of nature where the sound of crickets, smell of pine trees and view of olive groves work together to create a magical experience. It’s an ideal place to rest, breathe and meditate.

We will spend a luxurious week practicing Ashtanga yoga, meditation and pranayama every morning, relaxing on the beach and eating healthy vegetarian food prepared by our personal chef. We will be accommodated in two beautiful luxury beach front villas in a peaceful bay.


17. June 2021

Cosmos Yoga Academy is a team of passionate, highly experienced and acknowledgeable teachers, practitioners and open hearted people. We have joined to create an accessible education platform for prospective students who want to deepen their regular yoga practice, improve their existing teaching skills, or are simply searching for a smooth entry into the world of this ancient tradition.

Our standard Ashtanga yoga immersion programs are based on the traditional system of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, aligned with a modern approach towards study of the anatomy and physiology. The results are a comprehensive education that successfully balances the yogic philosophies of spirituality with the modern benefits of health and well being.

Mysore Weekend getaway

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