Workshops / Retreats

Ashtanga Yoga Mama workshop we will explore two yoga sequences; an energising yoga routine based on the traditional Ashtanga Yoga system, and a calming relaxing asana routine derived from the Yin Yoga tradition.

We will learn and practice breathing and meditation techniques that will help you to stay calm,  focused,  and in touch with yourself.

During the theoretical part of this workshop we will talk about various self care and mindful techniques to be applied in your daily lives.

Ashtanga Yoga Mama Workshop is divided into two sessions:

  1. Ashtanga Mama – exploring and practicing traditional Ashtanga yoga sequence, energising breathing techniques and meditation.
  2. Zen Mama – focusing on Restorative and Yin yoga practice, calming breath work and meditation.

Join us in this workshop designed specifically for mothers, aimed to rejuvenate, relax and gain skills and insights that will help you cope with  your everyday life.