AY Immersion at Awa Temple, Ibiza

In collaboration with stunning Awa Yoga Temple and hotel Xereca Im excited to invite you on this 6 day immersion.

Ashtanga yoga is the oldest dynamic form of Yoga and basis for the development of nowadays popular dynamic Yoga styles. It is based on the performance of the traditional sequence of postures (asanas) which are interconnected, while paying special attention to breathing (ujjayi breathing), focus of vision (drishti), and interior „energy valves” (bandhas). The roots of Ashtanga Yoga can be found in the traditional texts (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali). 

Ashtanga Yoga integrates the rhythm of movements and awareness of breathing, and the focus of vision while performing asanas. The synchronisation of movements, breathing and vision during asanas performance is of the utmost importance. Movements in sync with breathing are called vinyasas. Ashtanga Yoga promotes conscious breathing as the core of the process, and connects asanas in a precise sequence. Every asana (or a group of asanas) has a specific impact on our body as a counterbalance to the previous asanas, and as a preparation for the following asanas. To accumulate positive effects, protect and balance the body, it is important to follow the sequence.

This 6 days immersion is designed to introduce us with this traditional system. We will learn basics of  Ujjayi breathing and practicing primary series of postures in traditional way during guided and Mysore style classes with emphasis on alignments and proper counts of vinyasa.


14th /15th June

7am – 9am Led Ashtanga primary series

16th June

10am – 1pm Pranayama / Led Ashtanga primary series / Meditation

17th/ 18th / 19th / 20th June

7am – 9am Mysore class

22nd / 23rd June  Ashtanga Yoga Intensive weekend

22nd June

8am – 10am Led Class

10am – 11am Breakfast

11am – 13 am Exploring back bands

23rd June

8am – 10am Led Class

10am – 11am am Breakfast

11am – 13am  Asana Lab


Drop in (Mysore or led class) 14-20th June 30 EURO

Package 1 (7 classes) 14- 20th June 190 Euro (10% discount)

Early bird 170 Euro

Weekend 22/ 23 June 160 Euro

Early Bird 140 Euro

Package 1 + weekend 22/23 June 315 Euro (10% discount)

Early Bird 295 Euro

Early bird rate if full amount is payed by 15th April

Reservations and bookings : awabaidi@me.com , yoga.irena@gmail.com